Nursing Covers & Scarves

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Nursing Covers and Nursing Scarves

At Happybags we believe breastfeeding in public is something that should not even be an issue, a mother feeding her baby is perfectly normal.  Why is the sight of a baby having a meal in a restaurant any different to seeing someone eating a panini in that same restaurant.  We have two children in the Happybags family and by the time the second one came along he was fed anywhere and everywhere because we were past caring.  However, with our first baby, like many first time Mums, learning to breastfeed was pretty stressful.  It may be the most natural thing in the world but no one seems to have told some babies that.  If we were somewhere with lots of distractions, our daughter had a tendency to finish nursing part way through, fling her arm away and turn her head too - thus leaving a completely exposed breastfeeding Mum frantically either trying to get the baby to latch on,  or fumbling around for that clip on the maternity bra that always seems impossible to find when you need it the most.

This is where nursing covers can help.  Not everyone is comfortable breastfeeding when out and about and using a cover takes some stress away - one less thing to worry about when you have so many other things going on with a newborn baby.  They can also help if you are somewhere cold and draughty, the covers give both you and your baby some shelter.  They can help with those night time feeds at home when it is cold and dark.

We have two options of Nursing covers - a traditional apron style cover that you put on at feeding time, or a scarf that you can wear at any time but is big enough to pull down as a cover when needed.  The scarf is great to use just as a scarf too, regardless of you having children to look after.